Harshal died due to improper dumping of chemical wastes: Report

The interim report on the mystery behind the Shadhanahalli land which caused the death of a teenager explains the probable reason behind the mystery. The technical committee led by the Deputy Director of Industrial Safety and Boiler Department, D C Jagadish submitted the report. The report suggested that the improper disposal of the industrial and chemical wastes led to heat up the earth.

The five-page report has been submitted to the Deputy Commissioner D Randeep. The report suggests to enquire the landlord whether permission was obtained to dump the industrial wastes on his land. “It is evident that the industrial wastes are being dumped on this land since a long time. The landlord hid the land by pouring down the wastes of the residences. There is a lot of difference between the normal fire and fire caused by chemicals. To redirect the investigation, they might have put fire on the plants around,” the report confirms.

The police have registered a case of unnatural death with regard to Harshal’s demise and no complaint has been registered against any person or body. The landlord reportedly is suffering from a stroke and is in no position to walk around. He also said that he has no idea as to what is being dumped in the land.

The Karnataka State Pollution Board has constituted a 10-member team to investigate the issue. Speaking on the issue, DC Randeep said that the final report would reach after the team visits the spot and investigates. –KS, NGB


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