Priyank vs Simha: War of words erupts on Twitter

A Twitter spat between Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha and the minister for IT, BT and Tourism in Karnataka, Priyank Kharge is doing rounds in social media with several other Twitter users jumping into the battle field.

It all started when minister Priyank Kharge, from his Twitter account, posted that #ByPollResults results of the state is a lesson of humility for certain Paper Simhas.

In this twitter account @PriyankKharg quoted, “I hope the #ByPollResults results of the state is a lesson of humility for certain Paper Simhas who believe in rhetoric than actual work.”

This was enough to trigger a stream of tweets from Simha who quoted, “Remember your defeat as MLA candidate when you contested after your famous dad vacated dat seat and for the post f Youth Congress president.”

To this Priyank answered, “Politics & defeat have taught me a lot of things including humility. Looks like the defeat haven’t gone down too well with you.”

And this did not stop here. Pratap continued his torrents of tweets and said, “I accepted the defeat of our party with all humility n congratulated the CM. But instead of being graceful, what u said?”

 “Not just that, your dad ran away from Gurumitkal to Chittapur d moment that seat became general, coz of his track record as MLA! Get a life”

“Your dad compromised with his CM dream only to find a better future for his mediocre son like u! Saaka?!”

“Stand from a general seat on d basis of development like Modiji, both you n your dad will be relegated to oblivion. Innuu beka?” Simha added.

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Ready to contest a general seat with you: Priyank

As a reply to Simha’s tweets, Priyank quoted, “Ready to contest a general seat with you. Your commitment & work should do the talking. People decide if your fate of on oblivion.”

Simha replied to his tweets and said, “Let your dad contest against me, Forget your candidature, you had lost even in reserved seat.”

“When your dad, who claims inflated track record, never dared to contest in gen seat. And you?! You are known by your dad’s surname.” Simha added.

The Twitter war between the young politicians of the state made the twitter users clearly divided, with some supporting Simha and others extending their voice with Priyank.

However, it didn’t end up here. Priyank quoted, “Is it unconstitutional?Today is #AmbedkarJayanti, learn about constitution. Better still, tell PM to amend constitution & de-reserve all seats”

Pratap replied, “Your dad got the ticket n ministership4 u. I am here coz of my hard work n the trust of people of Mysuru and Kodagu.”

However, Priyank stopped his tweets saying, “Hope to see you soon on issue based discussion, if you have any. Till then.”

Some of the users who were fed up with their war of words on twitter asked both to prove their exertion and commitment as representatives through their work. – (SN, KK).


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