Thanks for the timely action

The photos show how road side trees in Mysuru are being choked by laying hot bitumen and compacting them at the trunk level. There is absolutely no space for percolation of rain water to the roots of the tree. This Photo was taken on 12-4-2017 (Wednesday), at Umar Khayam Road that connects New Sayyaji Rao Road at Tilak Nagar, Mandi Mohalla, Ward No.43, Zone 7, Mysuru-570001.

Undersigned called up Srinivas, Development Officer of Zone-7 of Mysore City Corporation and requested him to instruct the concerned to clear the asphalt around the tree trunk and create sink pits for enabling storage of some rain water for the trees for their survival in these days of searing heat. He appreciated the concern and promised immediate redressal of the grievance of the trees.

Result: See photo below taken on 15-4-2017. Within the available road space, the MCC workers have done a commendable job and provided decent trenches around all the tree trunks to enable trees to soak whatever rain water that flows into them.

That was fast work Srinivas. On behalf of trees on Umar Khayam Road I thank you for your immediate action in providing nice sink pits to all the road side trees. This is one of the roads selected for model street concept and is slowly getting remodeled.

Trees in Mysuru will be grateful if a survey is done in all the zones and similar action is taken to provide trenches/sink pits for them to soak in rain waters. Due to climate change and global warming, monsoons have become totally unpredictable and any rain, any day, would be welcome for rain water harvesting.

– Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, environmentalist and social activist

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