Who is to be blamed for water wastage?

This year’s summer has hit hard on the residents of Mysuru as several areas in the city are facing scarcity of drinking water. Water is being supplied through tankers once in three-four days in some parts of the city. But a water supply pipeline is broken on the outskirts of the city and water is continuously flowing and getting wasted. Surprisingly the residents of the area haven’t informed about it to the concerned authority and nor did they repair the pipeline.

The national highway on Mysuru–Bannur is being asphalted. During the road works, a pipeline was damaged. The road constructors too didn’t bother to inform the Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) and Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) about the damaged water pipeline.

The potable water is still flowing every day into the gutters. Mysuru is already facing shortage of drinking water. It may take at least two more months to receive adequate rains so that the reservoirs get filled. In rural areas, there is insufficient water even for the cattle to drink. Under such circumstances, letting drinking water to go unused in such a manner has enraged the passersby and citizens.


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