10-day Outcome-based certification course held at GSSSIETW

Mysuru, August 25:- The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GSSSIETW, Mysuru, had organised 10-day Outcome-based certification course on “Full Stack Web Application Development – 1.O” for the students of GSSSIETW and GSSS SSFGC.

The main objective of this course was to provide fundamentals of Web Application Development.

Dr Shivakumar M, principal, GSSSIETW, suggested to include some practice exercise for the concepts learnt during this course. This lead to an outcome-based course where every student was guided to design and deploy a project in Github and Free Cloud Server to receive a course certificate. The Department of CSE is working on extending this course to the next level in the coming days with more advanced web development concepts.

More than 112 students from various departments of GSSSIETW and GSSS SSFGC participated in this outcome-based learning sessions.

Dr S Meenakshi Sundaram, professor and HoD, CSE, addressed the students on the need of real-time practical implementation and outcome-based learning and Dr Manjuprasad B, associate professor, Department of CSE, GSSSIETW, was the course convener.

Dr Manjuprasad, Tejaswini R M, Usha Rani J, Soumya M, Shyleshwari M Shetty, Vishwesh J and Parvathi SJ, Faculty of Department Of CSE, GSSSIETW, were the resource persons.

The course started with an introduction to Web, Web Services and hands-on sessions on HTML and CSS fundamentals. Once giving the introduction to the domain students were taught to set up the project environment using WAMP, XAMP and LAMP by highlighting the need for software and hardware Web Servers. The students were made to learn the server-side concepts of web development like – PHP, MySQL. Later, the students were made to integrate PHP and MySQL using HTML and CSS by setting up the project on their local web server. Finally, the students attended a demonstration with the usage of Free Cloud services for deploying their Web Application from local to the cloud server and Github. (MR)

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