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10 Myths on weight training busted

“I always thought I just wanted to look good until I realized what it felt like to be strong.”

Contrary to the traditional belief among people, there is a discrepancy between looking captivating and feeling strong. There’s no use of your looks drawing attention if you can’t walk for 3 kms at a stretch or your muscles are accident prone. Being skinny is not about being fit. In fact, strong is the new skinny. Ask any trainer in the gym, everyone will be of the same standpoint that most women keep the weight training room at an arm’s length. But moderately, ladies of certain age are realising the importance of strength training. “It’s taken a long time, but women today are finally beginning to embrace the powerful benefits of committed and intelligent strength training,” says Holly Perkins, author of Lift To Get Lean. The reason being, women giving a miss to lifting serious iron are few misconceptions.

This article aims to clear the air about various myths of strength training programme and throw light on various advantages affiliated with it.

It Will Turn You Into A Hulk

This is the biggest misconception among every woman,who has not tasted the benefits of strength training may have. Here, let us put it simply – it is a function of estrogen and lack of testosterone, you will build muscles like a man’s. One thing we need to remember is if we reduce the pauses we take in between the exercises, there are more chances of burning calories.

Weightlifting Is Bad For Joints

The most common myth among women is that weightlifting is bad for joints and with age it get’s worse. According to a survey done on people suffering with knee pain, after four months of correct strength training programme, they experienced reduction in joint pain.

It’s A Guy Thing

Gone are the days when only dudes used to visit training room. This concept is very outdated now. You can see more and more women opting for weight training rather than cardio.

Weight Training Decreases Flexibility

In fact, if weightlifting done correctly makes our body more flexible.Truly speaking, lifting dumbbells all the way up and all the way down during a back exercise allows us to use all the muscles involved.

Need A Gym To Weight Train

It is said that for a regulated strength training programme one needs to hit a gym everyday, which is again not true. Procuring few weights from the market can solve the purpose permanently.

It Burns Fewer Calories

From a long time, women are made to believe that to have a lean body all that they need is a few minutes on cardio machines, which is absolutely not true. “The muscles of a strength trainer burns 50 per cent more calories than the muscles of a runner or a walker,” says Wayne L Westcott.

Weight Lifting Causes High Blood Pressure

People suffering from hypertension have been suggested to stay away from lifting weights, the reason being it could further aggravate their problem. In reality weightlifting has helped in lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 2 and 4 per cent, respectively. Isn’t that a good news, people? So please clear your doubts and start hitting the weight room from now onwards.

Muscles Turn To Fat When You Stop Lifting

One thing we need to clear is muscles and fats are two completely different things. According to Cosgrove, muscles never turn into fat and fat can never turn into muscles. Having muscles actually help you burn fat.

Hard To Regain Muscle Tone Once You Stop

Muscle mass can be lost due to prolonged illness, injury or chronic health conditions. People normally believe that’s extremely hard to regain them. We need to acknowledge that it is important to improve appearance, increase strength and lower blood pressure. We can regain muscle by including strength training into our fitness regime.

It’s Boring

It is often heard that weightlifting exercises become boring with time. It could be because of lack of pace and thrill, which we normally experience during cardio. Repeating the same things everyday could also be one of the reasons. One can try to bring some changes here, for example, changing the number of sets, reps and your place in the gym. Try a different form of resistance. Increase the weight of dumbbells or kettle-bells. There are various ways, which can help you make your routine anything but boring.

So ladies, listen up! It’s time to begin reaping the wonderful results you deserve and get down from your cardio machines. You are about to discover an efficient way to build a lean and healthy body, which can have a huge impact on your mind, body and soul.

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