10 reasons why we shouldn’t burst crackers

The Maharshi Institution devised an innovative initiative to create a widespread awareness among  people residing in the surroundings to celebrate Deepavali festival with all joy and fervor, but without  bursting crackers.

The initiative has 10 strong reasons about why we shouldn’t burst crackers: Involvement of child labour, air pollution, noise pollution, respiratory disorders, problem to old people, waste of resources, risk of life, unpredictable casualties, collection of huge garbage and threat to animals.

Models of cracker-based rocket and advanced crackers were prepared in order to educate students on the consequences of bursting crackers.  The campaign carries innumerable slogans to alert those who are fond of bursting crackers.

This initiative emphasises on education to every child instead of working in cracker factories. Few rare photographs captured from the spot which depict the magnitude of casualty during Deepavali all over India were displayed.

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