11 new FGCs get University of Mysore affiliation, 14 colleges granted permission to start PG courses

The University of Mysore (UoM) has given affiliation to 11 new first grade colleges (FGC) including a government-run college and approved 14 colleges to start various post-graduation courses for the academic year 2016-17. As many as 154 first grade
colleges and 30 BEd colleges were renewed during the Academic Council meeting held here on Tuesday. It was for the first time since 10 years that the UoM had given permis­sion to two new BEd colleges, one in Mandya and another in Hunsur. There was a ban on starting of new BEd colleges owing to various reasons.

Surprisingly, out of 30 re­newed BEd colleges, 24 were approved only on the condi­tion that they will fulfil all the requirements set by the affili­ation committee.

The council members also approved of a new government college for women in Has­san from this academic year.


The UoM will resume the make-up examination proce­dure for failed students pur­suing PG courses in pattern of odd and even. It was tem­porarily in 2014-15 but after a series of requests from the students, the UoM has decid­ed to conduct make-up examinations.

A special committee will also discuss on suggestions given by students to conduct one-time make-up examina­tions for third and fourth se­mesters after the results of fourth semester is announced.

Following concerns of late announcement of semester results, UoM Vice Chancellor Prof K S Rangappa told Reg­istrar (Evaluation) Prof Rajan­na to ensure the semester results are announced within the 15 days of the completion of the exams.

There were, however, dif­ference of opinions among the council member over the practical implementation of one time make-up exam.


With regard to govern­ment’s proposal to consider ITI equal to 10+2, the council member during the meeting had a discussion especially regarding the language sub­jects. Finally, the VC decided to form a committee to look into the matter and submit the recombination to the govern­ment in two days.

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