11th annual day of Rotary Midtown Academy held

Rotary Midtown Academy’s 11th year school day was held at their school premises in the city.

The programme was inaugurated by the chief guest, Adarsh Gokhale, a teacher, writer, orator and activist. Addressing the gathering, he spoke about the parent- children relationship and patriotism. His words on the martyred army officer of Gurkha Regiment and his daughters final honours were the reason for moist eyes of some of the parents seated in the annual day programme.

Hundreds of parents and students witnessed the spectacular programme performed by the students of the school. The theme for the programme was ‘Karnataka history and culture’. The teachers and noted choreographers had trained the children to perform in different forms of dance dramas depicting our tradition, folk, history, about our rulers and culture. Around 20 different dance numbers were performed including drama and vocal.

Harish, President, Rotary Midtown, Ramakrishna P K, secretary, RMA, Alagappan, President, RMA, Aiyanna, Secretary, Rotary Midtown and Vanitha Bhat, Principal and others were present.

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