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Why we love Vada Pav!

Vada pav is undoubtedly the Superhero of all snacks. It packs a punch in a small size, and is gastronomic adventure to the hilt. Who can resist the cocktail of flavours that run down your food pipe with an ecstasy in every bite!

Here are just 10 reasons; of the infinite number of reasons, that we love this snack. 

1. It’s easily available at every nukkad and corner.

Every street-end has a stall or tapri for vada pav and other fried goodies; and everyone will tell you no one can make it quite like they do!

2. Masterchef dish in terms of balance of textures.

Matt Gary and George, the three Masterchef judges ain’t tasted nothing yet! The vada pavs flavours can blow your mind. The nuances and textures that are packed into this little crunchy patty stuffed into a spongy pav are phenomenal. From the crisp crust to the soft filling, with an avalanche of flavours bursting into your mouth with every bite; it is truly a master piece.

3. Packed with sugar and spice and everything nice.

This little bomb is sweet and spicy at the same time. You can also alter it according to what suits your taste buds the best. Load more of spicy chutney on to your vada pav or bite off that green chilli- have it your way.

4. The Vada Pav is an on The Go Snack.

Vada pav is a time friendly snack. Whether you’re running to work or dragging your tired body back home, this snack does not require you to stop in your journey. You can grab it and have it on the go.

5. Innovative Burger

Vada pav, in so many ways is like technology. It evolves and how. So the Jains have their own banana based Vada Pav and the Gujaratis have their butter Vada Pav. As for today’s generation; there’s corn palak and schezwan. What more could you ask for?

6. Fills your tummy just right.

One single vada pav can fill your stomach for a good hour or two. It’s a perfect snack for your choti bhookh moment. It’s filling yet not so filling that you have to skip a meal.

7. Its versatile meal.

This snack can be paired with anything in the world, from hot Masala Chai, to nimbu pani to chilled lassi. Any kind of drink can go with it. Chaas is great too!

8. No two Vada Pavs are the same

Add ons are unlimited- butter, cheese, chilli, onions, tamarind, red garlic powder, pudina chutney; the flavours are unlimited; Every vada pav lover has his own take on the vada pav. Rest assured that no two people like their vada pav the same way.

9. Synonymous with sharing, Nostalgia.

Everyone surely has a childhood memory of going on a road trip and having chai and vada pav at a tapri along the way. Or of having hot vada pav at home while its pouring outside. Or even of running after college to your favorite vada pavwalla for everyday snack. Memories of budding friendships and romances surround this dynamite of a snack.

10. Are you craving one yet?

If you aren’t craving one yet, we don’t know what to say to you. After all, vada pav is the original ‘little master’. Here’s a song dedicated to it. Guaranteed to keep your foot tapping. Make sure your kids listen to it!!! 

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