13 Asiatic lions trapped in Gujarat after attacks on humans

The Gujarat Forest Department has trapped and caged 13 of a 16-member pride of Asiatic Lions in Amreli district in Saurashtra region, falling under the eastern range of Gir forests, following three recent attacks on humans by the big cats, an official said.

Deputy Conservator of Forest, Dhari, T. Karuppasamy told IANS that three lions were caught on Sunday and 10 earlier as a precautionary measure as well as to establish which of the lions had attacked humans around Ambardi and Barad villages.

“A scat (excreta) analysis report of the lions would establish if the lions had eaten the humans,” he said, adding that this would be clear in three to four days.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife, Jamaal Ahmed Khan said: “It is premature to say that the lions had indeed turned man-eaters. We will know this only after close examination and scat analysis of the animal which carries traces of the flesh eaten by it.”

In the latest incident on Friday, a lion had killed 21-year-old Jayesh Solanki when he and his father were sleeping outside in the fields in Ambardi village. The half-eaten body of Jayesh was found some 500 metres away from the farm, according to Nagabhai Javandhra, who owns the farm.

“The scat analysis will tell us if it was a lion or some other animal who had eaten the human flesh after the lion had killed Jayesh,” said Karuppasamy.

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