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12 skills every traveller should possess

There is a difference between a traveller and a tourist. While the tourist looks for all the comforts in the world during travel, a real traveller looks at journey as a kind of an adventure and as an opportunity to come out of the comfort zone. So here is a list of the basic travel skills, whose possession will put you into the category of a true traveller, one who knows how to take care of himself/herself if any untoward moment occurs while travelling.

  • How to Pitch a Tent

How to Pitch a Tent

When pitching a tent during a backpacking trip, pitching it safely is as vital as pitching it correctly. Camping can be a beautiful experience provided you know the art of doing pitching a tent.

  • How to Read a Map

How to Read a Map

Reading a map might be the easiest but often becomes a hurdle when not done properly. Even though GPS might have overpowered the 21st century, but who knows they might go out of function or there can be no connection net zones. So who would help you?

  • How to use the Cooking Gear

How to use the Cooking Gear

Cooking might be considered as a feminine chore, the art of doing it helps even the travellers while they are on their hiking, camping and backpacking expeditions. For that matter, you should know how to use the cooking gear and to set it up anywhere and everywhere.

  • How to use needle and thread

How to use needle and thread

While the skill of putting thread into the needle is associated with the domestic hearth, it is equally helpful while you are travelling out of the home. You never know how and when you’ll need to repair clothes or even luggage, so learn the fundamentals of sewing.

  • The Art of Haggling


An avid traveller knows how to talk to strangers and haggle in marketplaces of the places to which he is not native to. Even if you would be shy to boast of this art, this is one thing that can make you go long way in the world of travelling.

  • How to Drive Stick Shift (Manual)

How to Drive Stick Shift (Manual)

Your country might have the best of automatic cars but it might not be the case with other continents and locations. And you would definitely not want to let go the opportunity to enrich yourself with beautiful road trips only because you don’t know how to drive manually!

  • How to Swim

How to Swim

Learn to swim in rivers, lakes and other natural water bodies. This art will help you not just in times of trouble but will also gift you with some of the most memorable experiences while travelling.

  • Knowledge of Geography

Knowledge of Geography

Geography lessons might have been boring for you when you were a kid but the knowledge of this subject is essential for the person who is travelling. Don’t always rely on your apps. Did the ancient travellers have any software applications to help them?

  • How to Change your Busted Tire


How to Change your Busted Tire

While most of us know how to do it, very few of us practice it on day to day basis. But a seasoned traveller knows this art well at any time. After all, your tire can refuse to be on your side especially when you are going on long road trips.A good itinerary is an essential part of travelling.

  • How to Tie Knots

How to Tie Knots

You must have come across the art of tying knots many a times on Man Vs. Wild. One can easily differentiate the amateur traveller from an experienced one by the way one ties the knot especially while backpacking. Strapping cargo to your car, Cinching tent guidelines, lowering a pack over a ledge or lashing a canoe to shore-you should know it all.

  • How to Signal for Help

How to Signal for Help

If caught up in a situation where you are lost or are in danger while travelling, you should know the signals that can help you come out of the situation. From high-tech modern electronics to the primitive techniques and materials that our ancestors would have used, you should know the art of Distress signals. This travel skill is the most under-practiced and under-emphasized one that sets in our survival arsenal but it is something that will make you a true traveller.

  • How to travel ultralight

How to travel ultralight

Travelling light is an art, something that needs proper understanding and maneuver. Mature travellers would tell you that it is easy to overpack but it is very difficult to pack light. Believe me! This would help you avoid carrying that extra luggage and you would be able to enjoy your travelling to the fullest.

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