Basaveshwara’s bust: Lambeth Basaveshwara Foundation has 3 questions for Siddaramaiah

Prime News, International, National, Karnataka, London (United Kingdom), September 18:- We were pleased to see former chief minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah visiting the Basaveshwara’s bust in London on September 14 and stood beside the bust in the London borough of Lambeth and took a photograph. Siddaramaiah later tweeted that he became emotional and his eyes were full of tears after seeing the bust. His office later sent many press releases to various media outlets in Karnataka to cover the report about his visit to London.

We, the members of Lambeth Basaveshwara Foundation in London want to gently remind him about three indisputable facts in relation to the statue project in London.

1) The bust project was initiated with the support of the Government of Karnataka in 2010. Later, when he took over as chief minister, he gave an order to withdraw all the support to the project. This placed the project in limbo and we had to contribute personally our hard-earned money amounting to the tune of Rs 3.5 crore to complete the project. In the course of time, we met him to seek continuing support for the statue project from the government. He sarcastically commented that there is no need to erect the bust in London and confirmed that this was waste of time and energy in front of his cabinet colleagues.

2) Subsequently, when an invitation was extended to him for jointly unveiling the bust of Basaveshwara along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 14th November 2015, Siddaramaiah not only declined the invitation but also ridiculed us for inviting the Prime Minister, who according to him did not deserve the invitation.

We attempted to explain to him that outside India, our political affiliations do not matter and we are only Indians and not representatives of any political party and we requested him to join the Prime Minister as Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Unfortunately, he failed to understand the bipartisan nature of the event and continued to make derogatory remarks against the Prime Minister and his party.

3) It’s a well-known fact that Basaveshwara was opposed to any kind of caste politicking and caste discrimination. This honourable gentleman made a futile attempt to divide followers of Basaveshwara to capture power and continue as Chief Minister of Karnataka for the second term.

We politely challenge him to refute the above-mentioned facts and question him why should he not be called as ‘The greatest hypocrite of Karnataka.’

(Note: The three questions raised above are strictly limited to the individual concerned and not the party he represents. He should have followed the footsteps of the current Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka Dr G Parameshwara/former minister H Anjaneya and made a courtesy call to organise his visit to the bust and engaged the local Kannada/Indian community). (MR).

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