158 lives lost in road accidents in Mysuru in 2018

Mysuru, January 8:-The Mysuru city police in a statement said that total of 158 people have lost their lives in road accidents in Mysuru in the year 2018.

879 people suffered injuries on city roads in 2018 which witnessed 831 road accidents of which 147 were fatal and 684 were non-fatal.

The deaths in road accidents were 93 in 2014 whereas it increased to 158 in 2018. The accidents can be easily blamed on ever increasing traffic density on the city roads which was around 4 lakhs in 2014, is now estimated at 9 lakh at present, but the police blame the violation of traffic rules to be the main cause of accidental deaths.

Braking down the causes of road deaths, the police said 158 people who died in the city in 2018, 55 were riding two-wheelers without helmets and 67 others were involved in rash, negligent driving or over-speeding while four deaths attributed to drunken driving.

Fines collected in 2018

The police have collected a fine of Rs 8.26 crore in 2018 from riders for various traffic offences.

The police register traffic violations through physical checks at prominent traffic junctions as well as through Field Traffic Violation Reports or FTVR and through CCTV cameras installed at various traffic junctions in the city and interceptor vehicles.


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