Astrology is all about science, says seer

Shivaratri Deshikendra seer of Suttur Mutt inaugurated the 3rd annual programme of Mayakara Gurukula at Sharada Vilas Centenary Hall on Saturday.

After inaugurating the programme, Chandrashekhara Shivacharya seer, Gurushantheshwara Samsthana Hiremat, Hukkeri said: “Astrology is all about science. I have seen a lot of allegations made against the astrologers. People accuse astrologers for the superstitions in the society. Astrologers are blamed for the confusions and arousing doubts in the minds of the people.”

“Astrology is always a prediction over the happenings with a scientific touch. Recently, the Sanskrit university started a certificate a certificate course in astrology and it received a great response. The actual problems crop up when astrologers appear on TV shows and give suggestions to the society. They need to keep an eye on professional values,” he added.

Malayashanthamuni Shivacharya seer, Melanagavi Veerasimhasana Mutt, Shivaganga, Trinetra Mahantha Shivayogi seer, Bebi Mutt and Chandravana Ashrama, Rudramuni Shivacharya seer, Halagur, Brahma Mutt and others were present.

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