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JSS AHER supports global initiative on coronavirus pandemic

Mysuru, May 9:- The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a lot of science happenings globally including technological developments, the discovery of new drugs and vaccines, development of rapid testing diagnostics, innovations in medical practices, mathematical modelling and predictive sciences and the list is endless.

The JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, the Health Sciences Focused Deemed University, that was recently ranked 20th in the world and 1st in India by Times Higher Education in their impact rankings for SDG 3 – Good Health and well being had strategised its efforts to support the global initiative for research to prevent the spread and impact of coronavirus pandemic in three ways. 1.Technological advancements that can support/decrease the risk to life for patients and health workers; 2. Discovery of new drugs and 3. Modelling studies that can support and predict the progress of the pandemic.

In the initiative relating to the technological advancements that can support/decrease risk to COVID-19 infection and that will even be valuable even in the post-pandemic quality of life changes has developed five technologies/products that will indigenously support and make available low-cost interventions/applications and be valuable to humanity. These are:

1. Isolation – ICU on wheels – an application that will enable the mobilising of the isolation and ICU facility to remotest site of the disaster and support the golden hour of treatment in any given situation be it pandemics or disasters. With increased hospitalisation costs, isolation and intensive care may become available at homes with this new advancement. The approximate cost of this set up at the present development stage is about Rs 4 lakh and will get reduced in large scale manufacture.

2. The Low-cost ventilator – This low-cost ventilator is portable, has a disposable Ambu-bag and adjustable respiratory rate and adjustable tidal volume and provides positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) which is not found in other low-cost ventilators. The cost of the ventilator is presently Rs 30,000 and can be further brought down

3. DentiSafe – an application that will ensure the practice of dentistry safe for both patients and dentists. The DentiSafe application is scientifically developed a mobile device that can sterilise dental chairs and treatment areas in less than 20 minutes using a non-chemical intervention and relies on the specific wavelength of UV light that ensures the safety. The application is movable and can be used in multiple locations in a large dental hospital and will ensure the safety of a patient and the dentist. The approximate cost of the device is Rs 30,000 and can be reduced in the large-scale manufacture.

4. Multi-Mode Air Sanitiser – This multimode air sanitiser has a three-step sanitisation process, UV treatment at a specific wavelength to kill the virus, Ionisation that kills all microbes including virus and lastly a HEPA filter that reduces the particulate matter in the air. The cost of this air sanitiser is Rs 4,500 and can come down drastically if bulk produced.

5. Handheld UV Surface sanitiser – This lithium-ion battery-operated device is a handy surface sanitiser that can be charged by a mobile charger uses UV radiation for sanitising small surfaces that are frequently used by others, for example, lift buttons, keyboards, operating instruments, etc. This personalised sanitiser can be carried by individuals in their pockets with ease. This will give the comfort of personal safety to individuals while using public places. The cost of the surface sanitiser is Rs 1,250 and can be reduced further on bulk production.

These technologies that support the patient and healthcare provider safety and well-being will be valuable even beyond the pandemic and in peaceful times. JSS AHER will continue to work on these technologies and make them more cost-effective, robust, and highly efficient. JSS AHER will continue to endeavour its research initiatives that are impactful to society and benefit humanity.

Seer Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamiji, executive secretary Dr C G Betsurmath, pro-chancellor Dr B Suresh and vice-chancellor Dr Surinder Singh have been in the forefront. The research team of Dr S Balasubramanian, Director-Research; Dr Srinivasamurthy, Professor of Paediatrics; Dr B Nandlal, Professor of Pediatric Dentistry; Dr H Basavannagowdappa, Dean, Faculty of Medicine; Dr S Ravindra, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry and Dr B Majunatha, Registrar are part of the initiative. Collaborator Nagendra R Setti, M/s Ideas Unlimited, Mysuru, is also part of the project.

These projects were fully funded by the Research Development Fund of JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mysuru. (MR)

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