Celebrating Raghuram Rajan’s 58th birthday

Prime News, National (New Delhi), February 3:- One of the most famous financial figures in the country, economist Raghuram Rajan turns 58 on February 3. At the age of 50, he became the youngest in charge of India’s central bank as Reserve Bank of India’s governor. His appointment was celebrated across media channels and Bhaskar went on to say as far as this: “Amongst all central bankers India Inc has had, there is one name that will top all others when it goes down the history- Raghuram Rajan.”

Sometimes called “hawkish” for his stringent monetary policies, and other times known as “rock-star economist” on account of his persona and popularity among the masses. He was born to Tamilian parents when they were living in Madhya Pradesh. Rajan always had a penchant for things finance and his skill, knowledge, and ease with the world of money and numbers can never be forgotten. Unlike his predecessors, he did not live a traditional bureaucrat’s life away from the public eye and in isolation with the top brasses. He gave interviews, talked about his personal life, and made financial matter easily understandable by the public.

His father was a diplomat and in the Intelligence wing for a while. On account of his profession, Rajan travelled all over the world. He attended school in Sri Lanka, and Belgium before returning to India where he attended IIT Delhi and IIM, Ahmedabad. Then he lived in the USA while he earned a doctorate from MIT.

Rajan has a flourish for words, as evidenced by interviews where he is gracefully eloquent and influential. But he has also written 6 books, all on themes of finance, but the writing isn’t the dry-style usually associated with maths and numbers. He is also very fond of reading and loves to read the fantasies of JRR Tolkien. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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