Open golf championship held in city

Vishwamanava golf open championship – 2017 sponsored by JWGC Vishwamanava Golfers Association was held at JW Golf Club on today.

K Chandra Prakash, chief guest, inaugurated the championship – 2017. Around 190 golfers participated in the event.

DR M S Ranganath (President, JWGC), B M Nagesh (Captain, JWGC), V G Achar (Secretary, JWGC), DR S Prasanna Shankar (Hon. Treasurer, JWGC), A S Somesh (Chairman, tournament subcommittee, JWGC), DR S L Narayan (Committee member, JWGC), P C Uthaiah (Committee member, JWGC), HD Thimmappa Gowda (President of Vishwamanava Golfers Association of JWGC), D Srinivas (Secretary of Vishwamanava Golfers Association) and others were present.


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