It’s time to beat the heat at zoo

Mysuru Zoo has found a way to keep the animals cool and happy despite the increasing temperature. Water is being sprinkled on the animals for half an hour every three hours, every day.

The king of jungle, lion, which usually suffers from unbearable heat, was seen enjoying the shower. The same feature has been provided for giraffes, bisons and chimpanzees as well.

“Fruits with water content are good for the health of animals during summer. Watermelon, grapes and other water rich fruits are being provided to see that animals don’t get dehydrated,” said zoo executive director, Kamala Karikalan.

“Doctors give special attention to the health of the animals and birds. Birds are provided with patched roof that keep temperatures down. We are doing these works as instructed by the director,” said Umesh, a zoo official.

Thanks to the special care, the animals are now able to beat the heat.

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