Great Bombay circus is back after 10 years!

Folks, do you know, the famous Great Bombay Circus is back in town after a long gap. The circus which is a household name all over the world is back in Mysuru after a long gap of 10 long years. With the long summer vacation, it is fun time for the young and the old alike. According to the circus authorities, there is going to be considerable rush for obvious reasons.

The company, started in the year 1920 by one Baburam Kadam, finds its roots in Sindh and Punjab Province in Pakistan. In 1947, it merged with the White way and Lion Circus of K M Kunni Krishnan and became the Great Bombay Circus. After the death of Kunni Krishnan, it was run by his brother K M Balagopal. Today, the company has grown leaps and
bounds to become the largest circus company in India.

The Great Bombay circus has been appreciated by King and Queen of Nepal, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi,  V V Giri, V K Krishna Menon, Sidharth Shankar Roy, E K Nayanar, M G Ramachandran and other world leaders. Many Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films have been shot on the sets of the Bombay circus.

The circus has African, Ethiopian, Chinese and nationals besides Indians. Around 300 employees, including 30 men, 60 women, 40 in charge members, and 180 workers work for the company.

As the children are the major audience for circus, the company has artistes performing various acts  to keep them happy. Some of the breath-taking stunts (around 30) are worth watching.

The circus will be in the heritage city for the next 40 days. Every day, three shows are being organised –  1 pm, 4 pm and at 7 pm. The entry fee is Rs 300, Rs 200 and Rs 100. To be safe from fire and rain, fire proof and water proof tent has been set up.

PRO of the circus, Nagesh said, “The artists perform stunts, risking their lives. Our company has earned a great name all over the world. We have come to Mysuru after 10 years. Circus has  been ignored in the recent times. It needs support from people to survive.”

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