Technical talk on ‘Data communication from industrial perspective’ held

A technical talk on ‘Data communication from industrial perspective’ by Anil Kumar H S, Network and Security Engineer, Happiest Minds Technologies, Bengaluru, was held at Department of Information Science and Engineering, GSSSIETW, here.

The talk was held under the auspices of Computer Society of India (CSI) in the city recently.

The technical talk gave an advance idea about the networking concepts and their usage in industry. Harisha K C briefed on various addresses used in networking, data link layer followed by the information about network services, configurations and protocol.

Harisha also dwelt on switches, routers, IP packets, IPV4 and MAC addresses. He also covered information about Wireshark software that is used to get port address.

Anil Kumar also gave a demo on usage of router and internet connectivity. He also gave a demonstration of switches, colour codes, wireless routing systems and on information about the IP configuration, gateway and broadcast address. –PR, NGB

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