380th Shivaji Jayanthutsava and Pattabhisheka:Leaders call for a ‘Marathi’ Chief Minister.

MLA H P Manjunath termed Chatrapati Shivaji “A national hero” who relentlessly fought for defending the Hindu nation.

He was speaking after inaugurating 380th Shivaji Jayanthutsava and Pattabhisheka celebrations organised by Kshatriya Mahasabha jointly with Sri Chatrapathi Shivaji Jayanthotsava Samithi.

Addressing the gathering he said that Shivaji led Marathas in heroic battles for defending Hinduism when it was under threat. He was not only a Maratha leader but a national leader. During the 17th century when Muslim leaders ruled the country, though he was not from a royal family, through his heroic deed he became a night mare for all. However, it is unfortunate that Shivaji was termed anti Muslim. He has left undeniable footprints in the history of India with his persistent struggles, daring actions, immense scarifies and great adventures.

Marathi leader Sathyappa said that there are around 60 lakh Marathas in the state, considering this a Maratha leader should be given representation and be given a Chief Ministerial berth.

Sri Nataraja Swamiji of Gavadagere Gurujangamadeva Mutt, Sri Samba Sadashivaswamy of Madalli Ukkinakanthe Mutt, former minister Suma Vasanth, MLA G T Dewegowda, former MLA V Paapanna and others were present.


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