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4 best places in India to drink and party with your dad, this summer

The idea of getting your dad onboard to clink glasses together must not be seen as an alien one in India. As much as you’d want to share that glass of scotch in his hand and say cheers, trust us when we say he’d just as be willing to do the same. So this summer, how about you party the night away with your dad?

Here are 4 amazing destinations where you should have some drinks together.


This summer, it’s beaches, bars and beers. Missing out on Goa as an option to party is like not including Diego Maradona amongst the football greats. While you must have fancied making a trip here with your friends, try grooving to the rhythm with your father this time. If there’s a place where you want to guzzle down some beers with your father, this is it. With reasonably priced alcohol virtually available at any time of the day, this trip is just as tempting as it sounds.


If you too are one of those who lived listening to the ‘Patiala Peg’ stories but couldn’t really try one, here’s an opportunity to do it in the very state with no one else but your father. Hit the road to get your hands on the most delicious North Indian cuisine in some of the most famous Dhabas in Punjab and double it up with some ‘Patiala pegs’. From Amritsar to Patiala to Chandigarh or elsewhere, two things will accompany you throughout your journey, an extremely amicable but tough to comprehend Punjabi accent and a constant excuse to get yourself drunk.


From blitz and glitz of the metros, taking some time off to holiday in the scenic state of Sikkim would be a welcome break. The second smallest state of India placed in the very lap of Himalayas, is a visual treat for all its tourists. Sikkim offers one of the cheapest alcohol varieties in the country and a nicer backdrop to enjoy the drinks. This Father’s Day, discover the mesmerizing Tsongmo Lake and other popular attractions of Pelling with your dad. Go for it, a north eastern visit is never regretted.

Nashik (Maharashtra)

While it might appear to be a holy and historic place from the onset, there’s more to Nashik than meets the eye. The city boasts of a strikingly beautiful vineyard, something that no other Indian city has. So if you plan to get your father taste some of the finest wines from the originating place itself, head to Nashik’s Sula Vineyard. The vineyard also manufactures the award-winning Sauvignon Blanc wine. For a wine loving dad, this has to be on the top of your itinerary.

So block some dates, plan a trip and let your dad be your best friend this summer.  It’s heartening to realize the favorite glass clinking partner you had been looking for all this while, was no one else but your father!

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