5-day SDP on ‘Principles of operating systems’ held at GSSSIETW

Mysuru, July 15:- The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GSSSIETW, Mysuru, organised a 5-day SDP on “Principles of operating systems – A practical perspective” for the students of GSSSIETW and GSSS SSFGC, from July 6 to 10.

The main objective of this SDP was to provide practical knowledge of Operating Systems. The content of the SDP was designed with fully practical concepts with a live demonstration of Operating System principles. This SDP gave a clear picture for the students in getting understanding the practical concepts of the Operating Systems which all of us use in our daily life, whether it may be Desktop or Laptop or mobile. Most of the students are all at the application level, where they are very much aware of the usage of the applications but were not exposed to the practical concepts. Through this SDP students were made aware of the practical concepts of Operating System.

75 Students from various departments of GSSSIETW and GSSS SSFGC participated in this learning session of SDP. Dr S Meenakshi Sundarm, professor and HoD, CSE addressed the students about the need for understanding the OS principle from a practical perspective. Dr Manjuprasad B, associate professor, Department of CSE, GSSSIETW, was the resource person for this FDP.

Day-1 of this SDP was about understating the practical concepts regarding the booting process of Operating Systems, understanding and recognizing the CPU, ROM, RAM and Hard Disk on the motherboard.
Day 2 and Day 3 was fully on the understanding the practical concepts of processing unit from application program to basic unit of execution. Students were given practical exposure about instructions, programs, process, threads and system calls. During this session, concepts of process and program using simply C Program was demonstrated.

Day 4 of this SDP was on the RAM, virtual memory, file system and hard disk and measuring the system performance. In this session, students were made to understand how the data will be written and read from the hard disk.

Day 5 of this SDP was about the concept of Virtualisation, Working of Process on a remote server or online, customizing the Operating System Grub by the users, SSH server, file attributes. Students in this SDP were assessed by having a quiz covering all the practical concepts learnt in 5 days’ of SDP.

Dr Shivakumar M, Principal, GSSSIETW, addressed the participants by highlighting the need of practical knowledge of the Operating Systems and concluded the SDP by discussing the issues and need of memory and another resource of Operating System with respect to the real-time embedded systems. (MR).

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