Plea to provide amenities for Vishwakarma community

Mysuru, September 15:-  Vishwakarma Carpenters’ Association president M Mogannachar urged the state government to provide Vishwakarma community with amenities, at a press meet held at Mysuru Press Club here on Friday.

“The community has been doing carpentry works for over centuries. Government has established Vishwakarma Welfare Board recently and is providing loan facility. But it is unavailable to all the members of the community due to which many are being deprived of the facilities,” he said.

“State government has to release more funds to the board for the growth of the community members. Tableaus representing the works of Vishwakarma community should be represented in the procession of Vishwakarma Jayanti. Every district should be provided with Rs 5 lakh. Temples of the communities have to be developed. Community halls should be constructed for Vishwakarma community,” Mogannachar appealed.


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