73rd I-D: Police Commissioner Balakrishna issues dos and don’ts

Mysuru, August 14:- Mysuru Commissioner of Police KT Balakrishna has instructed the public to follow all the rules and regulations in view of the Independence Day celebrations tomorrow (August 15).

“Administration of schools and colleges of the city should appoint more staffs for security. The premises of schools and colleges should be thoroughly inspected. If any unidentified or unauthorised things are found on the campus, it should be informed to the police station and should not be touched,” he said in his media release.

“CCTV cameras should be installed at public places like malls, markets, railway station, bus terminals, airport, religious centres and tourist spots. While giving house for rent or lease, proper information of the tenant should be collected. Hotels and lodges should verify the languages of the tourists and collect their information and address properly and hand the details over to police station. Use of plastic flags are strictly prohibited,” he said.

“Metal detectors have been installed at Bannimantap Parade Grounds here where the Independence Day event will be held. People are allowed to enter the ground only after undergoing a metal detector test. The public is not allowed to bring in weapons, camera, glass water bottle and big bags. The public is not allowed to enter the premises of parade and programmes. They have to remain in the gallery of the audience,” he added.

“The vehicles of judges, VVIPs, VIPs, corporators, MLAs, MLCs, Zilla Panchayat president and vice president, have to enter the parade grounds from the main gate. The parking facility will be provided at the right and left sides of the main gate,” he said.

“Vehicles of the Police Department and media will be parked at gate 2. Vehicles of public will be allowed to park near gate 5. Those participating in the Independence Day event have to park their vehicles at gate 8. People should park their vehicles at the spot allotted by the Police Department. Those who park their vehicles haphazardly will face action,” he added. (MR/KS)

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