8th anniversary of Karnataka Dalit Forum celebrated

“The Indian society is in a dichotomy where individuals are polarised and divided as rich and poor, thus creating a platform wherein it is inevitable for everyone to survive; this kind of social imbalance is a serious threat to democracy,” opined University of Mysore Registrar Prof C Basavaraju, here on Sunday.

He was speaking at the inaugural function of Buddha, Basava and Ambedkar Jayanthi celebrations and a felicitation function to SSLC, PUC toppers on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of Karnataka Dalit Forum at the Humanities block building.

“Indian society is divided on the grounds of class, caste and religion, he lamented and further added that “We have not been able to remove this social imbalance even after 69 years of Independence. This dangerous trend is making the rich richer and the poor becoming poorer. This kind of imbalance is harming the social harmony.”

Prof Basavaraju said that the glorification of castes and religions by vested interests and ignoring great leaders like Buddha, Basava and Ambedkar is a sad development. Buddha and Basava were the two prominent leaders who introduced the concept of social equality in our society. Later, Ambedkar followed them. Instead of dividing ourselves, we all should come together and eradicate social evils in the society. We need to incorporate the qualities of ‘Vishvamanava’ for a better society,” he added.

MLA G T Devegowda, former Mayor Purushotham, Karnataka Dalit Forum state president D S Siddalingamurthy, state president Hinakal Somu and others were present.

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