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A basketball game happened in front of Prince Thursday

“Courtside” makes absolutely no sense in the context of Prince, because wherever he walks is his royal court.

Nevertheless, the legend attended a basketball game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California last night. The Golden State Warriors played the Oklahoma City Thunder — but more importantly, Prince wore a black turtleneck. Basketball reportedly happened as well.

He arrived with Damaris Lewis, and the people appropriately shouted his name.

When his presence was announced — as if it needed to be — Prince gestured as if to say, “Well yes, I am Prince. I don’t know how I got to be so lucky.”

He had a nice time, but deleted his tweets about the evening, because Prince is a mysterious man.

Prince graciously accepted his position as our overlord.

Thank you, Prince. And congratulations to the sport of basketball as a whole on your win.

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