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A born leader

She reminds you of a typical middle class woman who knows all the virtues of life. Born in a family of Sanskrit scholars in Ishwaramangala, a village near Puttur in Dakshina Kannada, it was a perfect upbringing for Vathsala S Bhat, a well known software engineer, nationally and internationally. Though she studied in Kannada medium during her primary education, she enjoyed every moment in the school.   One could not have asked for anything better what with the school teachers encouraging their students to take part in extra-curricular activities – sports, drama and Yakshagana.

Leaders are not born but made. It came true in the case of Vathsala. The impact of the school was so much that she went onto win prizes in various competitions at taluk and district levels. She was School Pupil Leader (SPL) for three consecutive years. Given her performance academically, that she got merit scholarship right from high school till engineering came as no surprise.

With a good percentage in II PUC, she got an engineering seat in NIT Surathkal as well as PESCE, Mandya. She opted for PESCE as her brother was also pursuing his engineering there. She finished her degree with distinction.

Coming to her professional year, Vathsala has had a wonderful journey right from the year 1990. From her first day at NMAMIT, Nitte as a lecturer, Vathsala has always put the best forward.  She nostalgically recalls those days when her life went through many a change. When you quiz her about her corporate journey, Vathsala says it is something she will cherish for a long time.  “I started my corporate journey as systems engineer trainee at DDE ORG Systems Ltd, Vadodara. It was dream come true when I got a position with manufacturers of ORG Systems we used in our college labs. The culture at ORG was encouraging.”

Having worked in some of the prestigious organisations, Vathsala and her family thought it was time to settle down. When she was offered a job at Raman International Institute of Information Technology (RiiiT), Mysuru in 2007, Vathsala thought things could only get better.  She says her present position as Dean has changed her philosophy of life.  Under the able guidance of RiiiT MD, Venkatesh S V, Vathsala has learnt the importance of people skills and leadership skills.

That life is a constant learning process is something Vathsala will always remember. She knows, the more one learns, the more is left. She repeatedly tells her students to stay focused on their job without turning complacent.

What it takes to be successful in life?

First & foremost, avoid procrastination. Second, be clear in your thoughts and hone people skills. Third, have a good network of people and lastly, never change your value system.

What has life taught you over the years?

Don’t go by assumptions. Always get into the facts and start with positive can do approach, success is yours.  Begin end in mind and give your best in whatever you do, results will automatically follow. Give quality time to your family, before you realise that you missed it in the race. Every human beings duty is to ensure that younger generation is nurtured and mentored well.

Your take on Mysuru?

Best part of Mysuru is quality 24 hours for oneself, there is no time leak. Mysuru has retained its cultural richness in spite of being very near to Bengaluru. When we moved to Mysuru in 2006 we had very less choice on CBSE schools, but today there are so many good ones, Mysuru has been growing in all dimensions, still retaining its charm for its residents. I feel Mysore as a tourist destination still has lot of scope for improvement in all angles. We have students from across Karnataka, especially rural, we find fresh engineers from Mysuru in our campus (very few in number) taking things easy.

How do you treat success and failure?

Failure is stepping stone to success, though it is human to feel down for a moment on failure. I always take failure as an opportunity to look at better alternatives. The excitement of success is till we achieve it, in today’s rapidly changing world we have to be prepared for new challenges on crossing every milestone!!

Who is man’s main enemy?

Ego and expectations.

Who are your favourite personalities who inspire you?

Siddharthachary, former Ambassador of India & founder – Acharya Vidyakula,  a walking library. His energy and enthusiasm at the age of 97 simply inspires me.  His command over multiple languages, disciplined lifestyle and rich experience is a lesson to one and all. I also get lot of inspiration by my father Krishna Sharma, who is 83 and still busy throughout the day in his farm and doesn’t expect anything from his five well educated, settled children in cities. He has been a practitioner in organic farming, conservation of forest, cattles, and Indian Value Systems. He seeded the hunger for knowledge, importance of skill in us by being an example since our young age.

Major responsibilities handled in 25 years of profession:

  • Identifying and defining systems & Processes, Planning, Scheduling,
  • Education Pedagogy, Architecting Contents, Assessments, Management Information Systems
  • University Interactions, Corporate Connects
  • Software Project Management
  • Consultancy
  • Software design
  • Software project Development
  • Technical Support Software (Testing & Release, Oracle DBA)
  • Training(Computer Science Engineering Subjects)

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