A day to remember for Kumbarakoppal Govt School students

By C M Subramanian

Mysuru, February 11:- The students of Government Primary and High School, Kumbarakoppal, who were the first time performers to participate in the Republic Day March past of this year, under the SARS (Students Association for Road Safety) were rewarded the 3rd prize which was received by the happy students from the District In-charge and Higher Education Minister G T  Devegowda at Bannimantap Grounds in the city.

The students numbering around 34, some of them were from even 5th and 6th standards also, as the 1st time performers, did their duty excellently by their orderly movements in the march past which were the main criteria for selection in the competition. Though the students had no prior training under National Cadet Corp (NCC), the continued efforts by the trainer, Panchakshari, who is a traffic warden and an electrical contractor in Hebbal, helped the students bag the prize.

The recognition has earned the distinction not only to the school but also to Panchakshari, the trainer and the traffic wardens’ organisation under the SARS scheme. With the march past training conducted by Panchakshari daily for more than two months, has brought about the required skill and knowledge for a disciplined footsteps/march past and the command, to the young students apart from the courage they gained to face the stiff competition against the seniors.

Apart from training, the students were also provided with feather caps, special shoes and socks and SARS band strip, which were sponsored by the traffic wardens including Jayaprakash, CM Subramanian and Panchakshari to look more  attractive in the parade as some of the students were from the poorer community and were not in a position to meet the expenses for purchase of the above items.

Above all, the main credit goes to the active students and teachers of the Government School, Kumbarakoppal, who performed exceedingly well even though they were reckoned as the first time performers. We congratulate and appreciate the efforts of all performers who made it possible. (The writer is a social activist and Deputy Chief Traffic Warden).

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