“A donkey remains a donkey”: Imran Khan’s comments go viral

Prime News, International (Islamabad), May 7:- Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is again in the news, but for the wrong reason. Clips of his podcast recording are being circulated online in which he is describing his life in the United Kingdom, but a particular phrase has caught the attention of the internet.

“I was very welcome in the UK but I never considered it my home. I was always a Pakistani first. A donkey doesn’t turn into a zebra just because you paint stripes on it. A donkey remains a donkey,” Khan is heard saying in the now viral clip.

It is a part of a podcast with Pakistan-based content creator Junaid Akram. He moved from Dubai to Pakistan and also runs an Instagram handle by the name ganjiswag.

Other content creators Muzammil Hassan and Talha were also part of the podcast.

The full video has been uploaded on Khan’s official YouTue Channel. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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