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A magic world of silk @ Silk India 2016

For all silk-lovers, a visit to Nanjaraja Bahadur Choultry on the Vinobha Road till July 25 is a must. For, a wide range of silk handloom products with attractive and fashionable designs are on display at the Silk India 2016 exhibition.

Organised by Hastashilpi, a Mysuru-based organisation, the fair has brought hundreds of silk weavers and marketers under the same roof. It is open from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Silk India 2016 is an opportunity for you to drape yourself with the finest of silks and stand out in the crowd. Weavers and well-known silk dealers have brought with them a vast collection of saris and elegant silk materials.

The exhibition has been organised on the occasion of Varamahalakshmi festival where new clothes, sarees and household décor items are brought.

It is the biggest umbrella event of silk manufacturers, silk sari weavers, handloom clusters and silk co-operative societies from all over India. The expo-cum-sale has more than fifty stalls representing units from various states showcasing the magnificence of silk and silk products.

Out of different varieties of silk reared depending on climatic and geographic conditions, Tassar, Eri, Mulberry and Muga are the prominent ones in the collection. Tussar and Muga are wild varieties of silk cultivated by silkworms fed on organically grown trees. Tussar and Muga silks are predominantly produced in Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam and Chhattisgarh.

Another highlight from the collection are the Mysore silk saris, crepe and georgette silk saris, chiffon silk saris, Kanchipuram wedding saris, Dharmavaram silk saris, raw silk and jute silk saris and Dhaka silk saris. People who like the handloom varieties can pick from the handloom silk cotton saris and silk blend saris from the exhibition.

The stalls offer a captivating array of Arini silk sarees, crepe and georgette silk saris, Chiffon silk, Tassar silk and suites, wedding sarees, designer fancy sarees, Dharmavaram sarees, raw silk sarees, jute silk sarees, handloom silk blend outfits, shawls, stoles, Uppada, Ghadwal, Paithani saris, Sambhalpuri, Ikkat and Bomkai saris among many.

Silk products from Bihar, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan are also showcased in the exhibition.

Hand block print sarees where artisans painstakingly imprint each colourful and design-oriented blocks, print sarees, silk bed covers, designer dress materials, border lazes, kurtis, hand-woven Matka and Assam Muga fabrics, Apoorva silk sarees, Baluchari, Dhaka Masli, Gicha Sarees, boutique sarees, Kantha sarees, Zordoshi, Lucknow Chikan work sarees, Bhagalpur sarees, Printed silk sarees, Banarasi sarees, Reshmi plain and butti sarees, Maheshwari, Chanderi silk sarees and suits, Kota silk, mulberry silk with temple border, Banaras Jamdani and a host of hand-woven sarees are on display.

“The intention of organising this exhibition is to bring reputed weavers and dealers under one roof and bring them in direct contact with buyers. This time, the variety is wide and a lot of choices are available. Sarees range from Rs 1,000 to up to Rs 1 lakh,” says T Abhinand, organiser and coordinator of the event.

“By bringing weavers and the buyers under one platform we are eliminating the middlemen who usually reap profits. Also, here the weavers are the deciders of the price of their product and they can sell it to consumers even by keeping a small margin. This will benefit both of them,” he says.

Earlier the weavers who were united by the cooperative societies and they flourished as the demand was high. Nowadays weavers and various cooperative societies are forced to leave their profession due to lack of government support. The governments have failed to realise their importance and artistic skills. Their creative products are known worldwide and we have to keep the tradition alive. This is the precise reason for us to organise such exhibitions,” Abhinand says.

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