A major problem

Chain snatching is becoming a difficult issue for the city police to handle. They are changing the locations frequently. It looks as if the city police have no clue about them. No one knows whether these are the same people repeating the offense with a gap or different people committing the offence. Increasing gold prices, craze for gold ornaments, easy making money are the main reasons for this issue. In addition, many two wheelers (some cars also) are moving in the city without having number plates either at the front or at the rear or some at both places. Traffic police should conduct a special drive to catch such vehicles first.  Full faced helmets with the shield having dark sun films should be prohibited. People especially women should be alert about the movement of two wheelers.  Women should shun gold and start wearing artificial chains whenever they come out in the wee hours. This may reduce the chain snatching incidents.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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