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Commuting every day, espe­cially by public transport, is an integral part of every My­surean’s daily schedule. And to make daily commuting as easy as falling off a log, the Mysuru division of KSRTC has come up with a cutting-edge Android App.

The App, named MITRA (Mysore Intelligent Trans­port), has been developed by five engineering students of SJCE College, is a first-of-its­kind which not only provides real-time information about buses to the users but also comes with myriad features which makes it a clear winner.

The App, developed by Punith Ganadinni, Vikranth, Abhishek S, Raghavendra Bada and Venkateshwar Kur­le of SJCE College, will be launched on May 30.

At present, the KSRTC is providing static data to pas­sengers through ITS (Incom­patible Timesharing System) and with MITRA, it will provide dynamic data about the fare, route, and fares for senior citi­zens and other information.

MITRA has features like women safety wherein a user is asked to provide two mobile numbers during the time of installation of the App which in times of distress will send a message to those numbers

along with the KSRTC and police control rooms.

“In case of emergencies, on pressing the panic button, the App automatically sends a message to the two mobile numbers while it forwards the location address of the bus to our control room where the dedicated staff can respond,” said Maqsood Ahmed, ITS Of­ficer, KSRTC Mysuru Division.

“We will request the City Police Commissioner to ded­icate an officer to attend such calls in order to make commuting safe,” he said and added that the App was configured in such a way that based on the location, it sends the panic message to the nearest police station.

Maqsood Ahmed said that reliability of service, comfort and information were the three major components to attract commuters towards public transport. ‘MITRA’ will defi­nitely work because almost 70 per cent people in the age group of 15 to 44 years use android phones, he said.

“In a survey conducted ear­lier, it was found that 22 percent of college-going youth and 42 percent of high-salaried people and businessmen don’t use public transport. We are target­ing them and attracting them towards using public trans­port,” he said.

“As of now, we are only launching the android version. It will soon be made available for IPhone and Windows us­ers,” he added.

The team behind MITRA


  • Real-time information of buses on dynamic data. This is for the first time in India. Route-wise bus information.
  • ETA/ETD (expected time of arrival and departure of buses) at any bus stop.
  • Bus services to important tourist location across the city.
  • Women safety (emergency messages to listed numbers about ,real-time location) when women feel threatened while ‘travelling in public ‘transport.


With MITRA, passengers can also be updated about the latest information and devel­opment in KSRTC. Maqsood Ahmed said that the App dis­seminates alerts in case of any change in the schedule, introduction of new buses, routes and extra buses. It’s a tourist-friendly App that is equipped with information about all the tourist places along with the bus numbers and routes that tourist can opt to reach the spot.

The KSRTC had organised a Mobile Appathon inviting budding engineers to develop an App. “Over 110 students had come forward to take up the challenge where we had asked the contestants to de­velop the app with details like bus routes, arriving and de­parting time, fare, bus stops and other details, which will help passengers to access public transport service with ease,” he said.

“Five applications were shortlisted and the App devel­oped by SJCE students was selected,” he revealed.



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