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A Mysurean who lives Kung Fu

Martial arts are a fascinating performing art. It requires passion, hard work, dedication and commitment to achieve in this field. Along with it, one must have the will to stay strong and hold his ground and fight back. The one who doesn’t accept the defeat, will be victorious. People think of Karate when they hear of martial arts, and seldom of Kung Fu. Mohan Shivaji Rao, a kid from Mysuru, has now achieved commendable success in the field of Kung Fu. Though he teaches Kung Fu, he calls himself a practitioner.


It all started when the young Mohan was studying his lower primary school at St Philomena’s School, Mysuru. He saw students performing Karate at school. At that time, he was attracted by this fascinating action-filled art. Later he went to Bengaluru for education at BNM School, Bengaluru. There too was Karate, but it was not affordable for a middleclass student. Later in the year 1999, when Mohan was in 10th standard, he was introduced to Kung Fu. A Kung Fu teacher made a demonstration and agreed to teach enthusiasts without any fee. Mohan was one among the 120 students who joined and one among the 20 students who remained in the class after a few months!

Mohan learnt Wudang Kung Fu from B Shivakumar. He never thought of finding a new teacher, as Shivakumar had an ocean of knowledge in him. Mohan went on to learn nunchaku, long stick and knife. It took him four years to learn knife, which was a dream for him. Kung Fu is a nature’s martial arts. It is all about the styles which are inherited by the animals. Mohan started with Dragon style, Crane style, Snake style, Drunken style and went on to invent his own style, Drunken Dragon style. He took 3-4 years to pass out each style.


Along with the five styles, he learnt new weapons, sword, rope, and came up with a sum of ten weapons, five styles. It is his aim to learn, achieve until his body has the ability. He teaches around 25 students in Mysuru and has trained more than 100 students in Mysuru. He also takes class in Bengaluru. Mohan works as a software test engineer. Kung Fu is his first love and he doesn’t want to make money out of it. He usually gets calls from corporate organisations and when it comes to teaching self-defence techniques to women, he doesn’t charge them. He has taught children from slums and made them realize to what height they can move if they consider Kung Fu seriously.

Mohan is a man who wants to learn something from everyone. He always thrives to learn new things in life. He was attracted to yoga and started learning yoga.  It helped him in Kung Fu and eased him practising Kung Fu. While practicing yoga, he was attracted by another folk art, Mallakamba. He searched a lot for Mallakamba class and finally found it in Vivekananda Yoga Organisation. There were no teachers to teach Mallakamba and was practised by kids only during Dasara and Mohan learnt it from them. He learnt to perform yoga on Mallakamba.

– Shrithi Joyappa

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