A noble gesture from Ladies Circles

Ladies Circles from Area 13, 6 and 12 contributed Rs 1.2 Lakh to a 13-year-old Cancer patient for her treatment. Mysore Amity Ladies Circle 108 initiated and executed this project.From left: Cr Sanjana Thimaiah Chairperson  LC 141, Cr Kehkashan Vagh Chairperson LC 9, Cr Kavya Kailash Past Area 13 Chairperson, Cr Niveditha Chairpeson LC 14, Cr Preeti Ranjan Area 13  Chairperson, Cr Swapna Rajesh Area 6, Chairperson, Cr Nishat Mohsin Area 13 Project Convener, Cr Pooja Ranga Chairperson  Mysore Amity Ladies Circle 108, Cr Simar Ranbir Chairperson LC 107, Cr Sampada, Cr Tejaswini Chairperson LC 109, Cr Nidhi Chairperson LC 105 along with the patient Rakshita and her mother.

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