A priceless sacrifice worth remembering: Randeep

“The soldiers who serve the country at the border and the police who maintain the law and order of the society are like two faces of a same coin. We are observing the Police Martyrs’ Day since October 21, 1959,” said Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru, D Randeep.

He was speaking after participating in the Police Martyrs Day held at the Martyrs Memorial Park, organised by the Karnataka Police Academy, Mysuru district police, and KSRP units. He paid floral tributes to the police martyrs.


“DSP Karan Singh and his staff of CRPF were attacked by the Chinese army in Aksai region. The Chinese were equipped with advanced weapons. The brave Indian police did not back out and fought till the last drop of their blood and died a brave death for the country. Many were injured. To commemorate their act of chivalry,  Police Martyrs’ Day is observed on October 21, every year,” he said.

“Soldiers serve the country at the border and the police serve the society. They spend their whole life to save the people than spending time for their own self. It is our responsibility to remember their sacrifice and respect them,” he added.

The police officials observed three rounds of volley salute to as a mark of respect for the martyrs. National anthem and state anthems were played on the occasion.

Director of Karnataka Police Academy, Vipul Kumar, IGP of Southern range, B K Singh, Superintendent of Police, Ravi D Chennannavar and others were present.

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