A rare catch of Butterfish attracts people at Devaraja Fish Market

Mysuru, December 23:- A large number of people thronged the Deveraja Fish Market in the city on Wednesday (December 23) to see a rare and huge Butterfish which is on display at the Sea Fish World fish shop.

The fish shop owner Ibrahim said that it was a rare catch which was caught in the Arabian Sea on Monday (December 21) and was brought to Mysuru from Kozhikode in Kerala for sale especially on the eve of Christmas festival. “The fish which weighed around 250 kg is priced at Rs 1 lakh. The retail price of the fish is Rs 400 per kilogram this time and normally it is sold at Rs 600 due to its rare availability.”

Every year during Christmas, the Sea Fish World fish shop displays and sells rare fish which are sourced from Arabian Sea in Kerala. The shop is well known for merchandise and sale of regular and rare species of sea fish. In 2019, the Mysuru shop sold a rare Butterfish that weighed around 125 kilogram and was priced at Rs 600 per kg.

The Butterfish also known as American butterfish, Atlantic butterfish, Dollarfish, Shiner, Skipjack, Sheepshead, Harvestfish. The family Stromateidae or butterfish contains 15 species of fish in three genera. Butterfishes live in coastal waters off the Americas, western Africa and in the Indo-Pacific.

Aptly named the Butterfish, this beautiful fish is so soft that it will literally bend when picked up by hand.  Considered among the tastiest fish in the world – very minimal bones and super soft meat and high in demand due to its rare availability in big size. (NAV, HN)

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