A relic of Buddha on display

For the first time in the city the sacred relic (ashes) of Lord Buddha has been thrown open for public display as a part of the 2560th Buddha Jayanti on Saturday.

The relic will be kept at Ashtannga Marga Dhyana Kendra at Siddarthanagar. It was brought by Bhante Bodhidatta, the secretary general of International Bud­dhist Monks Charitable trust from Sri Lanka.

Bhante Bodhidatta, a Buddhist monk, and a native of Mysuru has brought the sacred relic from Sri Lanka where it has been preserved. It is said that he paid regular visits to Sri Lanka and used to spend a lot of time with the Buddhist monks of Sri Lanka who donated the relic to him.

Before being brought here Bhante Bodhidatta had or­ganised a rally and a display of the relic in Nagpur.

Kumar, the trustee of Ashtanga Marga Dhyana Kendra said: “The display of Lord Buddha’s relic will be kept for public display till night in our centre and will not be open to public later. Buddhist monks and Bhante Bodhidatta will grace the occasion in the evening and hundreds of public are ex­pected to visit the place.

The relic will be kept in the centre for a few more days and later will be kept in a Stupa that is proposed to be constructed at Nalanda Bud­dhist University in Chamara­janagar,” he added.

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