‘A society without human rights will be in disarray’

“A society without the human rights will be in disarray, which will result in the assassination of ideas, inventions, freedom and human development,” said Prof K S Suresh, Principal, JSS Law College at special lecture on International Human Rights organised by Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Maharaja’s College, at Junior BA Hall on Thursday.

After inaugurating the programme he said “Human rights is the most fundamental part of the society where the globe could not develop without adding these to the lives of people. It is very important to protect the human rights in order to bring the living environment for people across the world.”

“There are thousands of human rights but there are only about 30 prescribed human rights that come under the fundamental rights. Human rights are nothing but the interest, recognition that is legally protected.”

“If any of the interest is recognised and protected by law then it becomes the human right. Our Constitution has given us the indivisible and equal rights to all the citizens in the country. It is very important to know that the human rights started even before the birth of one child and it continues even after a death of the particular life,” he added.

B N Yashodha, Head of the Department, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Maharaja College, Limba Naik, In-charge Principal, Maharaja College, Mysore and more than 150 people were present.   

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