A story of a tree

I am crying.  I am one of the decades old hundreds of trees living on Vivekananda Road (Das Prakash Paradise), Yadavagiri in Mysuru.  Recently MUDA has taken up widening of this heritage serene road and our roots have been chopped off (see picture) and branches cut and I am sure you, human beings are aware that we act as carbon sinks and give you oxygen, your life saver.  You cannot be so cruel and murder us like this.  In these days of searing heat and failed monsoons, we have somehow survived and it will be difficult for us to live if you human beings deny us the elixir of our life, water, nature’s gift to all living beings.

We are equal partners for all the natural resources on this earth.  You are not supplying us any water and you cannot deny us our share of water by choking the base of our trunks by pouring concrete and compacting.

Stop this murderous act and allow us to live a little longer to supply the air you breathe.  Vacate the concrete around our base, provide trenches/sink pits and help mother earth to soak the rain water to our roots.  Luckily after consequent droughts, we are getting some ‘mungaaru male’ and let us harvest whatever water we can.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath


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