Aadhaar card corrections: People forced to stand in midnight queue in Sargur

Mysuru, August 1:- In a bizarre incident, the people stood in a long queue throughout the night for their Aadhaar card corrections at Saragur in H D Kote taluk on Tuesday.

The people were seen waiting in line to get corrections done on their Aadhaar card that too standing beside a drainage in front of State Bank of India at Saragur. As Nada Kacheri has no facility for the Aadhaar corrections, the work has been allocated to the bank. People from far off places came with tooth brush, paste and lunch bags to wait in queues. Only 20 Aadhaar cards are corrected every day. Even if people are waiting in queues, they are sent back to come the next night!

If all the members of a family want to get the corrections done in Aadhaar card, they have to stay put near the bank foregoing sleep. None of the people’s representatives have come to address the people’s problems. The residents of H D Kote have been left in the lurch to fend for themselves.

When people question about the system, the bank staff ask them to wait in queue or else asked to leave the place.

Now the people anxiously await the intervention of the MLA and MP and streamline the process for corrections in Aadhaar card. (KS, NGB)

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