AAI plans remote mirror image control of busy ATCs

Aviation News, Nation, (New Delhi), December 10:-The Airports Authority of India (AAI) plans to have remote as well as mirror image air traffic control systems as it looks to save costs and put in place reliable back up options in case of any system failures, a senior official said.

The national airports operator is now in the process of preparing a common tender platform to seek entities that can provide remote Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems.

According to the official, the AAI is also looking to have “mirror image” control of a busy ATC tower in another ATC tower. For example, if there is any failure of a system at a busy airport then operations there can be controlled from another place till things are restored, he added.

The AAI official said the idea of remote ATC is technically doable and is happening in a few smaller airports in northern Europe.

Since there are different aspects in the systems being offered by different players, the official said it is now working on having a common tender platform.

“We are trying to understand little more about technology and trying to see how it can be made into a biddable pattern. It is being done internally …. It is an experimental area and will significantly cut down costs,” he said.

With mirror image control along with remote ATCs, it would be cost saving as well as having a back-up in case of any failures.

Remote towers concentrate ATC at one central location instead of having resources at each single airport, which would help in having synergies and savings.

Currently, airports have manned towers to provide ATC services. With remote towers, there would be a video-based surveillance for such services.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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