Aashada Shukravara: 3 chain snatchings within 45 minutes

Bike-borne youths target three women in Dattagalli, Vijayanagar and Hebbal; black Pulsar bike used again in the crime.

Three chain-snatching incidents rocked the city on Friday within a span of 45 minutes. Youths came in black Pulsar vehicle and targeted three women at Dattagalli, Vijayanagar and Hebbal. According to the police, one gang may be involved in all the three cases.


The first incident was reported at 8:55 am when 62-year-old Suguna, a resident of Dattagalli-Kanakadasanagar was targeted. She was on her morning walk. Usually she goes for her walk early and due to cold weather she chose 8 am to 9:30 am routine.

On Friday she neared Nandi Circle at 8:55 am when the bike-borne miscreants approached her and the pillion rider snatched her 42 gram gold chain.

The criminals sped away before even Suguna could realise that she has been robbed. A shell-shocked Suguna was even unable to raise her voice. She and passers-by identified the vehicle as black Pulsar.


The second incident was reported at 9:10 am and again the Black Pulsar-borne criminals were in action. This time their target was 28-year-old Megha Harish who was near her house behind SJCE compound. Megha worked at a private company while her husband works in Dubai.

Two youths wearing helmets approached Megha and asked for the address of Vimala, a drawing teacher. They spoke in fluent Hindi. When she turned to her side pointing the house, the youth riding pillion snatched her 50-gram gold chain.

An alert Megha caught hold of the chain and the youths managed to snatch 20 grams leaving the rest with her. Megha immediately raised an alarm in vain as the youths sped away.


The third incident was reported at Hebbal where 53-year-old Rukmini was targeted. The youths on black Pulsar approached her when she was walking near her house and asked for an address of a teacher. The youths spoke in Hindi and the woman turned to her side and told them that there were eight teachers in the area and which teacher they were looking for.

As the woman was drawn into conversation, the pillion rider snatched her 70-gram gold chain. The victim managed to catch hold of the chain and the criminals sped away with 40 grams.


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