Abhigya-Abhidheya’s DVD on Bhagavad Gita to be released ‘morrow

The second DVD of `Shree Venkatesha Suprabhatam’ and `Shree Vishnu Sahas­ranamam’ by the brother-sister duo of 10-year-old Abhigya Anand and 6-year­old Abhidheya Anand, com­pletely out of memory, will be released on May 20 at 6 pm at Shree Krishna Temple in 3rd Stage Gokulam, Doctor’s corner, here.

Chief guests Dr Kumaras­wamy, professor of oncology and regular speaker in `Na­maste Mysuru’ on All India Radio; Jayashree, founder of Anantha Foundation; Seetha­ram, co-founder of Pushkarni School; Chidambara Bhatta, volunteering for Samskrita Bharathi for last 27years and Sridhara Raj Urs, President, Shree Krishna Temple, will re­lease the DVD and MP3.

The DVD has been pro­duced with Devanagari, Kan­nada and English subtitles for viewers to have a choice while learning the recital. The same recitals have also been produced in MP3 CDs.

Abhigya gives 2-3 hours talks on ‘Dangers of junk food’ in various schools, colleges and institutions through a free programme called `Swac­cha Shareera.’ Meanwhile, Abhidheya has recited all 700 slokas of Bhagavad Gita, out of memory just like her broth­er and all the videos have been uploaded on youtube.


Ten-year-old Abhigya Anand, a child prod­igy and state awardee 2015 is the youngest participant to receive the certificate and a cash award of Rs.21,000 from Jagadguru Swami Bharathi Teerthaji in Nov 2013 for hav­ing chanted the entire Bhaga­vad Gita, out of memory, with correct pronunciations which he learnt within a span of nine months at age seven.

A DVD of Bhagavad Gita sung by him has been re­leased and he has been ap­pointed as the Acharya for teaching Bhagavad Gita on­line, by the Maharshi Ved­vyas International Virtual Vedic University based in Gu­jarat. Abhigya is the young­est to pursue PG Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology from Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbi­ology Research Institute is also learning Jyotisha and Ashtanga Hrdayam.

Abhigya is a crusader against junk food and has launched a free programme ‘Swaccha Shareera’ under which he gives talks and pre­sentations on the impending dangers of junk food in vari­ous schools and colleges.

His talks cover the five `evils’ in our kitchen namely refined salt, sugar, oil, pack­aged milk and GMO crops along with all the toxic in­gredients found in packaged food. Abhigya has also writ­ten a set of 10 books called `Adstormers’ focusing on all toxic consumer products which contain complete in­formation on the description and dangers of all toxic in­gredients through caricatures sketched by him.


Abhidheya Anand, 6, is the youngest person to memorise the en­tire Gita, all the 18 chapters chanted by her have been uploaded on Youtube. She enjoys chanting slokas from the Gita in various temples and is fond of cows and be­lieves that human civilisation cannot survive without cows and has been giving talks on benefits of cow protection as well as implications of cow slaughter. Abhidheya com­poses her own poems and short stories on God, cows and the vices of modern life too. In addition, she never eats junk food (processed and packaged) and loves only home cooked food.

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