About Us

Greetings & Best wishes from City Media!!

It has been a journey of success since we launched City Today in the month of August 2013. Our newspaper has received tremendous response from the readers as well as advertisers.

We take this opportunity to give a little more information about our publications.

‘Global standard for local readership’ – aptly sums up the vision that drives City Today and its characteristics. It is an EVENING English news tabloid published in Mysore.

The newspaper comes with the best design in class and best editorial content in terms of clarity and quality of news. While responding to local issue of Mysore is of utmost priority, it also focuses on the comprehensive coverage of news at all levels, be at state, national or international. Also, utmost care is taken to ensure that our readers get to read everything from culture, business, crime, politics, society and sports to celebrity culture.

Timely editorials, in –depth analysis of major issues intended to spur debates and enlightening columns by experts in different fields are some of the highlights of the newspaper content.

 A dedicated section for mind games and sufficient space for introducing the readers to TV shows and movie shows of the day, what is hot in the city market and many more make City Today complete newspapers for readers of all age groups. Innovative design, excellent presentation of content and images add great aesthetic value.

We have big dreams and City Today is here to stay we solicit your cooperation to be a part of this success story and help it emerge as the best and the strongest in the media fraternity.

CITY BIZ  – A Business Promotional Feature from CITY TODAY English daily.,  and now dons a unique format,style and regular features on great personal content from May 08, 2015. The fresher edition hosts a variety of material not found during the weekdays. 

The special edition once a week contains, namely: “what’s news”, “news in numbers”, “behind the news”, “spotlight”, “cover story”, “expert view”, “economy”, “center spread”, “travel guide”, “food & drink”, “recommended” and finally “feel smart” generally hosts a “Cocktail Conversations” article which describes a definite difference between terms, objects,persons and abstract views which are normally considered to be the same.

It also contains “Behind The Lines” which gives a brief crisis that had occurred, gives a brief overview of the crisis and the solution derived.