Absence of policy analysis of govt schemes affecting rural areas, says ACS Sanjeev Kumar

An absence of policy analy­sis and evaluation of gov­ernment schemes has been affecting the implementation of the schemes and thus the rural areas remain undevel­oped, observed Additional Chief Secretary of Labour Department Sanjeev Kumar, here on Monday.

He said popular schemes like Mahatma Gandhi Nation­al Rural Employment Guar­antee Act (MGNREGA) can be made more successful if analysis and evaluation is un­dertaken on the progress of implementation of schemes.

He was speaking at the inaugural function of a three weeklong workshop on ‘Policy analysis and evaluation’ organised by Grassroots Re­search And Advocacy Move­ment (GRIMM) in association with Cornell University of America at V-LEAD centre.

He pointed out “it is un­fortunate that the achieve­ment of government has been measured based on the in­vestment that the respective government has released for particular scheme or public works, however, there is no proper analysis and evalua­tion process and document on government works. As such crores of rupees invested on several projects lead to funds misuse and not benefit the needy people,” he underlined.

“Once the government started analysing the pro­gramme scientifically, it would help to introduce new schemes effectively. Unless the policy reaches needy people, the whole welfare programmes initiated by the respective governments leads to loss to exchequer,” opined Sanjeev Kumar.

He said that despite col­lecting statistical reports of every programme, there is need for evaluating the pro­gramme at the grassroots level, so that reality can be measured. “The government should also focus on policy analysis and evaluation by joining hands with private re­searchers.”

“Collecting data on social sciences is a challenging is­sue, and for understanding the practical issues, the state and central governments should collaboratively initi­ate evaluation process where researchers and research or­ganisations need to be taken into consideration to focus on implementation of welfare policies,” he said.

Professor at Cornell University of America, Sa­roosh Kuruvilla, Dr Rehana, GRAAM President Dr R Bal­asubramanyam, GRAAM ex­ecutive director R Basavaraju and others were present.

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