Accident between bikes, rider declared brain-dead

Mysuru, November 7:- In an accident between two bikes on Monday, one of the bike riders, a tender-based employee at HDB, suffered brain injuries and was declared brain-dead by the doctors later. His family members have now come forward to donate the organs of the injured.

Venkat Giri (34) of Bogadi had gone to bring milk for his two-year-old child at 7:30 pm. While returning from the shop, he was hit by a bike ridden by two juveniles. Venkata Giri fell off the bike and suffered severe head injuries. After he failed to respond to treatment, the doctors treating him confirmed he was brain-dead.  Now, the family has decided to donate his organs according to his final wish.

Though people are aware that children riding a bike is a crime, they allow their children to use their vehicles. It is a common sight in Mysuru and unless the police act, the situation would remain the same. (MR/KS)


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