Accident; boy dies without responding to treatment

Mysuru, July 6:- Shivakumar (11), who was admitted to Apollo hospital after being hit by a tractor died without responding to treatment. Parents of the boy suspects the carelessness of the doctors might have caused the death.

Son of Siddegowda and Nagamma, Shivakumar was admitted to hospital on Friday. Doctors have told that one of his legs need to be amputated. The family agreed to it. After a day, the doctors said that another leg too has to be amputated. But the boy died on Wednesday night without responding to treatment.


The family members were told by the hospital administration to pay Rs 5 lakh to get the body of the boy. However, the family members of the deceased alleged that the doctors did not give proper treatment and blamed them of alleged foul play. The members of the family urged the hospital administration to bring their boy back to life and they would pay them the money.


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