Accident zones

In contrast to the national data, the number of road accidents in the city, both fatal and non-fatal, has come down considerably since 2012. Mysuru city recorded 14.69% dip in road accidents in 2016, thanks to the steps taken by the city traffic police. However, now and then, there is news of gruesome road accidents leading to fatality due to the negligence of some drivers.  Some of the places are still dangerous zones, like the curve at V V Water Works on KRS Road and another near Jalamandali on Vinoba (Hunsur) road, which have steep curvature combined  with a gradient  making these spots more accident prone.  The recent one being reported from V V Water Works area on KRS road, wherein an employee of Infosys was killed on the spot on 7th January  in a road accident as a KSRTC bus hit her two-wheeler, leaving agony to parents and other family members.  Over-speeding and rash driving even at the curves by drivers of heavy vehicles is adding more trouble to two wheeler riders at this place. Providing a concave mirror to indicate the vehicle movement and providing speed breakers on both sides may reduce fatal accidents. Vehicle riders should be cautious while driving at such spots and drive at slow pace to avoid accidents. A recent report on road accidents in 2015 indicated that the number of people killed during 2015 is 15 times higher than the number of armed force personnel killed in all the wars since independence to our country.

 Dr. S.V.N. Vijayendra, Mysuru


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